Chemotherapy Hair Loss During Breast Cancer Treatment
In this video, Dr. Margileth explains that most chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss in breast cancer patients. Hair loss is reversible, as it will re-grow to its length prior to treatment. The 15 Breast Cancer [More]
Placebo Chemotherapy Causes Hair-Loss & Other Side Effects (Nocebo) Thought For Food Episode 8
In the last episode of ‘Thought For Food’ we explored the placebo effect and touched upon the evidence for it’s ‘negative’ counterpart the nocebo effect. In this episode we explore this concept and look at [More]
What Does Chemotherapy Actually Do To Your Body?
Chemotherapy, while effective at treating many types of cancers, can cause hair loss and fatigue. So, what does it do to the body? Sign Up For The TestTube Newsletter Here ►►►► Read More: WHO: [More]