Nature Crazy’s Top 6 Tips For Preventing & Reversing Chemo Induced Hair Loss
Emerging scientific evidence has shown that chemo induced hair loss can be prevented, delayed, and completely reversed. Today, we’ll be sharing Nature Crazy’s 6 exclusive recommendations. 1. Studies have shown that the treatment of cancer [More]
Scalp cooler reduces hair loss in chemotherapy
Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may not have to suffer hair loss anymore, thanks to a ‘cooling cap’ technology. Chemotherapy drugs are designed to attack rapidly dividing cells, and as both cancer cells and hair cells [More]
How to prepare for Chemo Hair Loss – Get a Badass Haircut!
Knowing I am going to lose my hair a 2nd time is a different shock. This time, I felt the need to take control. Knowing I only had 1 more day before supposedly starting chemotherapy, [More]
Stopping Hair Loss In Cancer Patients
New technology is being used to assist with preventing hair loss in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments through the use of a hair cap. The gel-filled caps, are worn before, during and after chemo-treatments. Prior [More]
Preventing hair loss during chemotherapy
Technology is helping chemo patients keep their hair during treatment with special head gear.
Can I Avoid Losing Hair While Getting Chemotherapy?
Not all chemotherapy causes hair loss and there are ways to prevent the loss of hair during chemotherapy. Christopher Ho, MD, a doctor of oncology and hematology, explains in this video interview.
Trevor’s hair loss experience after chemotherapy for lymphoma
Trevor explains what it is like to lose his hair after treatment for lymphoma.
Hair After Chemotherapy Medical Course
For Educational Use Only – Fair Use – What causes brittle hair and hair loss after chemotherapy. rn