Also, on my surgery day (October 5th) I have asked Blackhawk Plastic Surgery to share updates via their Instagram story, this way you all will be able to see how I’m doing, and get updates! [More]
SnapChat: SanPir Twitter: @pirrone I had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery in Hamilton, Ontario on May 8th, 2009. I went into the operation at 351lbs. At 2 years post-op I was 178lbs and to which I [More]
Boogies Channel: Make sure you leave a LIKE! (It helps a TON) NEW 2nd Channel! Snap Chat!: Obesetobeastfit GFuel “Glaude10” Support with a purchase! Follow me on Twitter! @obese_to_beast ( Follow [More]
How can we reduce our weight without dieting? Get Ideas for this. At LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity in Tijuana, MX, we offer plastic surgery after weight loss. Many patients hope to supplement the results of weight loss or are simply dissatisfied with certain [More]
here’s a little video talking about the 3 month update that we got from our nurses. won’t talk to the doctor til next week but i’m down 110 pounds, lost 7.5 inches from my waist [More]
Is weight loss surgery worth the risk? Marketplace reveals the success and complication rates of gastric band surgery, and the cost to the public health care system for those who need follow-up care and fixes. [More]
I speak about my weight loss surgery story in hopes that it helps someone who is contemplating this option. SUBSCRIBE TO MY LIFE DESIGN CHANNEL ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE 12 WEEK TRANSFORMATION JUMPSTART [More]