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Many considerations come to the forefront when planning space travel beyond the moon. Scientists are currently working on overcoming the many challenges and testing their solutions.
How did it all begin? What are the origins of our planet? To understand our place in the Universe we need to explore space. Find out how we’re doing this with ESA’s incredible fleet of space [More]
Space Documentary 2016 – Surpass the Speed of Light – Science Universe. A look at the speed of light, the ultimate speed limit enforced by the laws of the universe, and how scientists are looking [More]
Chemical Rockets will never allow us to reach another starsystem. But what would? Join us as we explore the future of space travel, advanced propulsion systems, and faster-than-light travel. For more documentaries like this, subscribe [More]
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From 2006 to 2010 Mars was invaded by by several new spacecraft from its nearest neighbor, Earth. These probes have revealed numerous unexpected features of the martian surface. Several have implications for life, past and [More]