How to create a Perl script in 5 minutes: Beginners tutorial
How to create a Perl script in 5 minutes: Beginners tutorial UNIX/Linux shell scripting basics. A detailed tutorial from beginner to advanced. I’ll walk you through it step by step! If you enjoyed this video, [More]
Bash Tutorial 1: Hello World
Starting with the basics of Linux Bash Script Programming. In this tutorial I show how to: *Create a Bash Script *Writing Hello World on the Screen *Running script from Terminal *Making the script executable (so [More]
#1 Cadence SKILL Programming Tutorial for Beginners
For absolute beginner. Cadence SKILL is a powerful extension language for chip-design CAD tools. It’s based on a very old language: LISP. The first three simple examples in my book “CAD Scripting Languages” are covered [More]
SQL scripting for beginners 3/4; SQL database programming language intro video
SQL programming language intro video for Software QA Testers taken in Portnov Computer School classroom Specializing in Software QA Testing career change since 1994
Drama script – Ironbot Xlink Graphical Programming
Editing drama script by Ironbot Xlink Graphical Programming.
Raspberry Pi – How to start programming with Python
Raspberry Pi – How to start programming with Python Python Raspberry Pi
Marcos camp New programming script introduced into Comelec’s transparency server CNN Philippines
READ ➡ The camp of vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Wednesday (May 11) called on the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to explain alleged irregularities in the unofficial vote count, particularly [More]
How To Make A Simple Python Keylogger
Python is a really easy programming language for beginners. What better way to showcase it’s range of abilities than making a simple keylogger.
Python Programming
Get the Cheat Sheet Here : Best Book on Python : Support Me on Patreon : Install : Basics : Arithmetic : Strings : Lists / Arrays : [More]
PHP Simple Login Script (Procedural)
Join Forum @ This is a tutorial about a simple PHP login script that checks your MySQL database against a user/password. This is written with some quick and dirty procedural code and should be [More]