demo of Google Spreadsheet Programming With Google Apps Script in action
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Basics Of Server Side Programming
Lecture to support COP4834 (Web Systems II) – this covers the basic concepts of server side programming/scripting architecture.
Learn to code with AutoHotkey – Create and setup a script
Organize your script–use the same syntax {Bracket structure} to group in notepad++ Hotkeys to create: Reload Pause Suspend Windows Spy At the risk of giving a man a fish, here is what I use to [More]
Python Interactive Mode and Script Mode
KVS eContents of computer Science, KVS eLearning
C# beginner programming tutorial series – Unity 5 – Part 1 – Your First Day
In my “C# beginner tutorial series” for Unity 5 will show you the basics of day-to-day programming in Unity. This will include common variable types, setting up scripts, common methods formally known as functions in [More]
[Programming] – Tools Update Script
A bash script used to udpate the tools that are often updated using wget.
[Programming] – Benchmark script
A simple script that bench marks your computer
Web technology tutorial: Server-side scripting |
Delve into the basics of server-side scripting in this tutorial. Watch more at This tutorial is a single movie from the Web Technology Fundamentals course by author James Williamson. The complete course is [More]