Human-robot interaction at the Science Museum’s Robotics Festival
The Science Museum is showcasing the work of researchers hoping to improve how humans and machines interact, as part of European Robotics Week. Source and copyright: The Engineer
Robotic Limbs | Science and Star Wars
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10 Real Life ROBOT Humans You Won’t Believe Exist
top 10 real life robots that look like actual people Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: Other Videos You Might Like 10 Most Epic Ways People Have Quit [More]
7 The Most Advanced Robots
These seven advanced robots are not available for purchase. They were developed as prototypes for future robots. Does science fiction movies become reality? Subscribe to my channel: Follow us: Facebook Twitter Instagram [More]
5 Fastest Robots In The World
Robots accomplish tasks too complicated or dangerous for humans. The strength and speed of a robot’s movement and problems solving skills are favored for completing jobs faster than humans. Meet some of the fastest robots [More]
How to Make Hydraulic Powered Robotic Arm from Cardboard
How to Make Hydraulic Powered Robotic Arm from Cardboard In this video I show you how to make robotic arm from cardboard, it’s quite fun to plaw with. Especially by moving coca cola cans. You [More]
Science Documentary | The Robots – The Cutting-Edge Technologies
How will human-like robots change our future and how we see ourselves? Machines are everywhere. They run our factory assembly lines and make our coffee. But robots-machines with human-like capabilities-have long been the stuff of [More]
New First Year Robotics Course in School of Computer Science
A new robotics course in the school of computer science is teaching first year students to build and program autonomous mobile robots. The lab-based nature of the course deviates from traditional lecture-style courses by allowing [More]
High School Student Creates a Robotic Hand
I built a robotic hand model for my senior project which I’m able to control with the movements of my own hand. The point of this project is to demonstrate why having engineering programs such [More]
Touched by Science: Paralyzed Man Feels Again Through Mind-Controlled Robotic Arm
Imagine being in an accident that leaves you unable to feel any sensation in your arms and fingers. Now imagine regaining that sensation, a decade later, through a mind-controlled robotic arm that is directly connected [More]