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Quantum Physics NOVA- Space Documentary Quantum Physics NOVA- Space Documentary 2015 Please like, share and subscribe if you like with lots of love Space (Hyperspace in the United States) is a 2001 BBC documentary which [More]
These 5 holiday-themed physics experiments will keep you and your family busy with science during the winter holidays! All experiments involve materials found around the house. Parental supervision advised . Flame Eraser – put out [More]
BBC: The Secrets Of Quantum Physics | Science Documentary Professor of physics Jim Al-Khalili investigates the most accurate and yet perplexing scientific theory ever – quantum physics. [edit] Einsteins Nightmare Professor Jim Al-Khalili investigates the [More]
Although science has provided astounding insights into the origins of the universe, we’re still not quite sure what happened in those very first few moments. Link to Electromagnetism: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMnsZuEE_m8 Link to Weak Force: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnL_nwmCLpY&list=PLsNB4peY6C6JDc1HcVKjjYzVB0BYEXexd&index=3 Link [More]
A fan asks, “Could a superhero have the power to travel around the multiverse, or would the different laws of physics in different universes make that impossible?” Neil deGrasse Tyson looks to quantum physics for [More]
This is one of the reasons v20b’s release have been taking too much time. The other reason is the enormous improvements at performance that I’m going to show on the next video. I still don’t [More]
How is the chemical energy of gasoline transformed into kinetic energy of a moving car? And where does that kinetic energy go when the car crashes into something and stops moving? Thanks to Ford (http://www.takeagoodlook.com) [More]
1pm-3:05pm @ David Brower Center, Tamalpais Room The Future of Particle Physics Chair: Steve Boggs (UC Berkeley) Featuring talks by: 1. Nima Arkani-Hamed — Motivations for 100km Circular Colliders 2. Lawrence Hall — New Searches [More]