A minor rhythm section for you or me to play and sing oneway with. This is one of the songs in “Play along serie 02”, recorded the 31:th of May 2012. In english: It’s alright [More]
Dabur film was a challenge for me as I had no experience for doing a promotional film for a medical company that too film for International audience, However I took the challenge and started working [More]
1 000 000 000 CHF Investition 7 000 874 Arbeitsstunden 6 587 Experimente 423 Forscher 1 Medikament … Seit den ersten Ideen der Forscher hat es über 12 Jahre und viele Entwicklungsschritte gebraucht, bis ein [More]
“Preparing The Way: An Advent Hymn” sung at the Christmas Eve service at First United Methodist Church, Boulder, Colorado, December 24, 2012.
Our cute little Filip can scream like a little devil sometimes.. I have for sure never heard anything like it. Enjoy!
Charitatívny beh, z ktorého výťažok zo štartovného a dobrovoľných príspevkov delíme na dve rovnaké polovice a nimi podporujeme detské a dospelácke onkologické oddelenie v Banskej Bystrici v podobe zakúpených darov. Dňa 13. septembra 2014 sa [More]