Inside a nuclear reactor core – Bang Goes The Theory – BBC
Jem Stansfield explores a never used reactor core at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria, to explain how a nuclear power station works. Bang Goes The Theory, investigating the science behind the headlines and [More]
So you want to be a Nuclear Engineer
This short video highlights the day-to-day activities you might expect to encounter when you are a Nuclear Engineer. Conduct research on nuclear engineering projects or apply principles and theory of nuclear science to problems concerned [More]
Documentary 2015 | Nuclear Meltdown Disaster – Science Documentary Films
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Developing educational material on nuclear science and technology for secondary schools
Nuclear technology is used every day, in a vast number of fields ranging from medicine, agriculture and protection of the environment, to industry and energy production. Retaining and developing nuclear knowledge and capacity is essential [More]
Oceans of Change – Using Nuclear Science to Study Ocean Acidification
The negative impacts of man-made CO2 emissions on the environment are already well researched and documented. But the damaging effects of the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide that are ending up in our seas and [More]
Atoms for Peace: Nuclear Science – 1950s Educational Film – S88TV1
Encyclopedia Britannica Films, Paramount News, the U.S. Information Agency and the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission examine the peaceful applications of “nuclear science” (atomic energy) in industry, medicine and botany. S88TV1 – Transport, technology, and general [More]
BSA Nuclear Science Merit Badge Workshop
Boy Scouts spent the day in workshops learning about Nuclear Science.
NM True TV – National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
It is easily arguable that no one state has played a greater role in ushering the world into the Atomic Age than New Mexico. So it is only natural that the one national museum dedicated [More]
What is Nuclear Fallout? (Fallout Science)
This video has been re-uploaded. A scientific inaccuracy was discovered that I had to fix. Also, as a note, although I say “detonated”, Chernobyl wasn’t a bomb. It was a nuclear power reactor in Ukraine [More]