An interview with Nathan Burbage, a student on the University of Birmingham’s Nuclear Science degree course. See for more information.
Hey Guys! I have a Mod Tutorial and build for you! Nuclear reactor time! And I just created a new intro and a name!! Please leave a comment for ideas in the future! (mod packs, [More]
Disciplinary Core Idea PS1C – Nuclear Processes Paul Andersen explains three major nuclear processes; fusion, fission, and decay. He begins with a brief discussion of the four fundamental forces in nature. He the explains how [More]
Channel 4 News has been to Ukraine to see the urgent efforts to put a new steel roof over the melted-down reactor at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Link: Story ref: T08101529
Research at the IAEA laboratories is focused on crops that are crucial to the food security of millions of people. As the world faces a new food crisis of overwhelming proportions, the use of nuclear [More]
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National Museum of Nuclear Science and History
Fission reactor time… or how to build a reactor in the privacy of your own home. Sorta. 🙂 Based on the Yogscast’s MoonQuest pack, Sicken and I issue a challenge to all Youtubers (large and [More]
A song about nuclear science
025 – Nuclear Energy In this video Paul Andersen explains how nuclear energy is released during fission of radioactive uranium. Light water reactors, nuclear waste, and nuclear accidents are also discussed along with the future [More]