Student Vlog – Amy – Nuclear Science
Current student Amy talks about what life is like as a Nuclear Science student at the University of Birmingham. Find out more about studying Nuclear Science at Birmingham:
Homi J Bhabha was assassinated by US, and we did nothing. Our defence and nuclear scientists are dying and we are doing nothing. Watch the to know everything.. Enjoy..
Trey Gowdy Makes A Nuclear Physicist Look Like A Kindergarten Science Teacher
Trey Gowdy Traps A Nuclear Physicist With Facts & Logic trey gowdy takes this twerp down easily so much for being a nuclear physicist automatically makes you smart, gowdy logic too strong. original broadcast date [More]
Using Nuclear Science to Boost Plant Biodiversity For more than 80 years, mutation breeding has been a fundamental and highly successful tool in the global efforts to feed an ever increasing and nutritiously demanding population. The method uses radiation to expose [More]
Going Nuclear – The Science Of Nuclear Weapons – Part 2 – Chain Reactions
With the basic theory having shown that a nuclear chain reaction was possible the next step is to actually make it work, first with a stable nuclear reactor – the Chicago Pile 1. Then we [More]
University of Bristol MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering
The MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering at the University of Bristol exploits existing close inter-faculty collaboration to provide a rich, research focussed, post-graduate programme with significant industry input.
Careers in Nuclear Engineering
Find out more about the exciting opportunities studying Nuclear Engineering offers at the time of the UK nuclear renaissance.
Using Nuclear Science in Food Irradiation
Food Irradiation involves shining electromagnetic radiation like X-rays and gamma rays or electron beams onto food to maintain food quality, kill harmful bacteria and control insects. The technique destroys microorganisms that can cause illness or [More]
Going Nuclear – Nuclear Science – Part 5 – Hydrogen Bombs
While the Manhatten project was working on the first fission bombs Edward Teller began working on a fusion powered ‘Super’ device. Fission devices were 1000 times as powerful as conventional explosives, and fusion devices could [More]
Marcin Kuzniak, Ph.D. : The Origins of Nuclear Science
First in the series ‘Public Health in a Nuclear Age’. January 7, 2015.