What Do Nuclear Scientists Do?
It’s not exactly what you see in the movies… (it’s actually much cooler.) ———- Movie clips from: Godzilla (2014), Warner Brothers Hulk (2003), Universal Pictures Dr. No (1962), United Artists Fukushima footage from Sky News [More]
Official Texas A&M Nuclear Science Center Reactor Pulsing Video
Two pulses of $1.00 and $1.50 conducted in December 2013.
Going Nuclear – Nuclear Science – Part 4 – The Incredible Shrinking Warhead
After WWII work continued on improving the technology behind the Gadget, and through a series of innovations the massive design was improved upon. Some were made more powerful, others were made smaller and eventually the [More]
Student Vlog – Amy – Nuclear Science
Current student Amy talks about what life is like as a Nuclear Science student at the University of Birmingham. Find out more about studying Nuclear Science at Birmingham: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/schools/metallurgy-materials/index.aspx
Homi J Bhabha was assassinated by US, and we did nothing. Our defence and nuclear scientists are dying and we are doing nothing. Watch the to know everything.. Enjoy..
Trey Gowdy Makes A Nuclear Physicist Look Like A Kindergarten Science Teacher
Trey Gowdy Traps A Nuclear Physicist With Facts & Logic trey gowdy takes this twerp down easily so much for being a nuclear physicist automatically makes you smart, gowdy logic too strong. original broadcast date [More]
Using Nuclear Science to Boost Plant Biodiversity
http://www-naweb.iaea.org/nafa/resources-nafa/Plant-Mutation-breeding.mp4 For more than 80 years, mutation breeding has been a fundamental and highly successful tool in the global efforts to feed an ever increasing and nutritiously demanding population. The method uses radiation to expose [More]
Going Nuclear – The Science Of Nuclear Weapons – Part 2 – Chain Reactions
With the basic theory having shown that a nuclear chain reaction was possible the next step is to actually make it work, first with a stable nuclear reactor – the Chicago Pile 1. Then we [More]
University of Bristol MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering
The MSc in Nuclear Science and Engineering at the University of Bristol exploits existing close inter-faculty collaboration to provide a rich, research focussed, post-graduate programme with significant industry input.
Careers in Nuclear Engineering
Find out more about the exciting opportunities studying Nuclear Engineering offers at the time of the UK nuclear renaissance.