विज्ञान – ”अब होगा इंसान अमर” | Medical Science Genes Research – Humans Will Beat Aging and Death
विज्ञान – ”अब होगा इंसान अमर” | Medical Science Genes Research – Humans Will Beat Aging and Death Hello friends, we humans have always feared death or ageing and wondered what happens after death. It [More]
How can every clinical visit be used to advance medical science?
From TEDMED 2013: Biomedical informaticist, physician, and i2b2 founder Isaac Kohane wants to turn hospital data systems into “living laboratories” to study the genetic basis of disease.
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When Living 200 Year Becomes Normal – The End of Ageing (Medical Science Documentary) | Only Human
Do you want to stop ageing? Do you want to live forever? Can science help you cheat death? In this pioneering documentary, Professor Rose Anne Kenny takes us through the science and the consequences of [More]
Medical Science History Mural @ Emory University
The Medical Science History Mural is a 66-ft. long, 3-story tall mosaic in the lobby of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building at Emory University. Installed in 1996, it is the work if Italian-born [More]
MRI Video scan || Medical Science & Technology
MRI Video scan || Medical Science & Technology Computer Technology Medical Technology Mobile & Internet Science & Technology
We Are All Being Turned Into Patients: Medical Science, Marketing, Consumers
Ray Moynihan is an Australian researcher, health journalist, documentary-maker and author. Employed for many years as an investigative journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, he has also worked for the Australian Financial Review and is [More]
Medical Science Liaison Job Interview – Inventiv Health
http://careercenter.themsls.org “Medical Science Liaison Job Interview – Inventiv Health” We Help Medical Science Liaisons Advance Their Careers! http://careercenter.themsls.org
Twin Teens Achieve the Impossible in Medical Science.