See Why Yelena Loves Medical Research Meet Yelena Bronevetsky, a postdoctoral researcher in the Mike McCune Lab at UCSF. Yelena’s research involves how babies’ immune system differ from adults and contributes to trying to develop the human immunity system. To [More]
Dogs in medical research
Research into new heart medicines is being helped by these dogs. The dogs are exercised daily and trained to work with the researchers, by jumping onto weighing scales for example. Heart function is measured using [More]
Why we use Animals in Medical Research
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Cure Childhood Diseases
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Medical research into the benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation 1/6
New updates Subtitles and CC: Spanish (Latin América) English Part 1 of 6: Introduction This is the first video out of six where Prof. Rubia introduces the research that has been done on the effects [More]
Burn Fat…Burn Calories Faster WALKING This Way (Medical Research Study) – Dr Mandell
Recent studies have shown that by changing the pace of your walking, you can burn 20% more calories.