Atypical Meniscal Pathology: Meniscotibial Ligament Disruption
George A. Paletta Jr, MD, (St. Louis, MO) discusses identifying meniscus extrusion and the surgical technique to repair the knee capsule resulting in less meniscal extrusion.
The Blockchain Effect On Healthcare: How #Blockchain Will Transform Healthcare In 25 Years
Presented at the book launch of Dr. William Loging and colleagues at the NY Academy of Science in NYC BOOK: Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in Drug Discovery and Development and can be found here for [More]
What If Amazon Ran Hospitals? – The Medical Futurist
Technology giants want to get a piece of the healthcare market. Microsoft launched a healthcare division based on artificial intelligence. Google kicked-off Verily. Amazon considers selling prescription drugs online. But let’s do a thought experiment. [More]
The four monster shifts of disruption in healthcare
Like most industries, the Future of Healthcare can best be described as disruptive. Four key trends will determine the success and failure of Healthcare. These new trends require that Healthcare leaders understand the trajectory of [More]
Healthcare video—Disruption in the healthcare industry.
Learn more at – Learn more about new innovations in the healthcare industry.
How Healthcare Can Become Higher in Quality, Lower in Cost & Widely Accessible – Clay Christensen
Clay Christensen at the second Faculty Perspectives on Healthcare event. February 8, 2012
Disruption Defined: Maersk navigates data to move goods globally
Welcome to the fourth industrial revolution. After steam, electricity, electronics and IT, we’re now experiencing the digital age. This revolution is transforming all industries, including shipping and logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, financial services, government and [More]
The Technological Disruption of Healthcare (Dr. Daniel Kraft) – Exponential Finance 2014
Convergence of fast-moving technology is rapidly changing the face of health and medicine. From mobile health and wearable sensors to artificial intelligence and personal ‘omics, this talk will explore implications for personal health, workforce health [More]