Symptoms of Lyme Disease
Lyme disease is an illness that’s caused by bacteria carried by infected ticks. If you’ve been bitten by a tick and show any of the early symptoms of Lyme disease, you should see your doctor. [More]
Mandi Loren Lyme Disease
Amanda Loren untreated neurological Lyme Disease Australia
3 Steps to Treat Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease treatment and prevention: In this video, you will learn 3 steps to decrease the symptoms of Lyme disease in as few as 7 days through diet, supplements and natural treatments. 1. Diet [More]
How to avoid Lyme Disease
Deerstalkers are hit hard by Lyme Disease. It’s an illness that can change your life, and it is carried by ticks. We go out after muntjac deer on the Cornbury Park estate in Oxfordshire with [More]
How the German Army is stopping Lyme Disease
We are off to Belgium to look at a new fabric that is going to stop the spread of Lyme Disease and even malaria. The armies of Europe have commissioned materials that put off the [More]
Inventor formulates his own anti-Lyme disease regime in 2 months, mostly without drugs
My successful Lyme Disease and co-infections recovery in 2 months, mostly without drugs. The following were helpful or inspirational in my search for my cure: Johns Hopkins, Dr. Eva Sapi, Yolanda Hadid, New York Post, [More]
Over half of U.S. has Lyme disease carrying ticks
A recent CDC study shows that Lyme disease has spread rapidly over the last 20 years. Almost half of all American counties, even areas that never had a documented Lyme-carrying tick before, now has the [More]
Yolanda Hadid’s journey with Lyme disease
Yolanda Hadid traces her harrowing journey with Lyme disease – including at one point losing the ability to read or write – and discusses where her health stands now.
Lyme Disease – Illness of Ignorance (6min Brief on Lyme) [HD]
Welcome to — the video series that explores how the world around us *really* works as opposed to the way we believe it does. Donate through PayPal ($1, $2 or $3/month) $3/mo $2/mo [More]
All About Lyme Disease in Under 200 Seconds – Fast Lyme Video
Check out the Chronic Lyme Disease Summit #2 where Dr. Jay interviews over 30 Lyme experts! Anyone can view this for free from June 19th-26th by signing up here: For more information and resources [More]