How to Design a Logo
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Google New Logo Design Explained 2015
Google New Logo Design Logotype,Dots and Google G Explained. Google Logotype A sans serif logotype that retains our distinct multi-color sequence. Dots A dynamic distillation of the logotype for interactive, assistive, and transitional moments. Google [More]
Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (BLEND)
Here is another new Logo Design Tutorial. The basic formation of this logo includes a band of certain thickness, which makes one round and goes from the backside. There is also a Blend of two [More]
Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator CC (mypage)
Here is another new 3 dimensional Logo Design Tutorial. in this there is cuboid with three side facing toward us. We have got two text M and P , where one portion of the M [More]
Speed Art | Mistify Logo
He guys! This is a logo i have recently designed for a client. He was looking for something in the style of my SerenitySoundUK logo, but with a nice bit of type to go with [More]
Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (COLOR)
Professional Logo Design – Adobe Illustrator cs6 (COLOR) Another Great logo Designing tutorial explaining how to simplify your design.We will understand how we can create this leaf like shape using simple tricks. We will go [More]
Logo Design Tips for Beginners – In this video I wallk you through my process for designing logos. It’s simple and it’s a great video for beginners. I share a few simple tips you can use to design a [More]
Logo Design Studio Pro Review- SummitSoft
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Photoshop Tutorial: Process of Creating a Logo Design
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Fiverr Logo Design Rant
Fiverr Logo Design Rant In this video I talk about my feelings on Fiverr and Logo Design. Checkout More Graphic Design Videos: I’m not outrightly against Fiverr in concept, but I am graphic [More]