Light Stream Gem Tachyon Laser Acupuncture Pen Instructions
2 FREE Quantum Frequencies Download ➜ Subscribe for more amazing videos ➜ Buy Gem Acupuncture Laser ➜ Light Stream Gem Tachyon Laser Accupuncture Pen Instructions How To Use: Light Stream™ Tachyon Energy [More]
Laser Acupuncture Pen
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Eczema treated & CURED Naturally! Using Laser Acupuncture! Dr. Chapa & AIMC Clinic
Meet our patient Amy! After many years of horrible eczema (severe redness of the skin, inflammation, scarring and bleeding) her mother brought her to our clinic out of desperation. Tired of wearing long sleeves in [More]
Acupuncture Laser for Spinal Cord Injury Paraplagia.
very very special treatment discovered by my Guru Prof Dr Sir Anton Jayasuriya is done to get better than Stem cell therapy effect. Along with that we are using the Acupuncture Laser therapy. The patient [More]
Cold Laser as Acupuncture This video reviews uses of a cold laser for direct areas on pain and for meridian energy points. Find reflexology charts online and talk to your doctor about using a cold laser.
Laser acupuncture CLaSS for all and everyone
Has special function for seeking acupuncture point. It allows to use the device for any unprepared person herself, from grandmother to president’s wife. Acupuncture history goes back thousands of years. And thousands of years it [More]
Laser on Equine Acupuncture Points
Dr. Joyce Harman talks about the benefits of laser on acupuncture points on the horse.