ABOUT MY MAJOR | Pre-Interior Design (Freshman Year)
Hey guys! So I just wanted to give a little insight on my major for anyone who is considering majoring in Interior Design. I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I go to Auburn [More]
New York School of Interior Design
Brief video featuring life at New York City’s only independent, not-for-profit college dedicated to the study of interior design and design history.
Top 7 Art & Design Schools in the World
Want to go to the best art & design schools in the world? Visit Crimson Education for a free education assessment at https://hubs.ly/H09NBk90 – Crimson Education is the world leader in global admissions consulting. Crimson’s [More]
This week I’m taking you with me on my work trip across the country! I work at a firm as a Junior Interior Designer and I’m completing site visits around the country, come along with [More]
Want to become an Interior Designer? What should I include in my portfolio? Let me share my experience as a Designer with you, and help answer some questions you might have! Hi I’m Shawna Paterson, [More]
Go school with me and SketchUp – Life of an Interior design Student- Vlog 3
Hi my name is Ba Do! and I make video of my everyday life as an interior design student to show what I do in class, I think it help people visually see what is [More]
How to become an Interior Designer?
Do you love decorating rooms and arranging furniture? Can you think creatively to design, decorate or renovate any internal space? As a career, Interior designing may be the best choice for you. http://www.bolc.co.uk/. You can [More]
How to Become an Interior Decorator?
How to Become an Interior Decorator? If you have a love of decorating and a knack for arranging furniture and choosing décor and color, a career as an interior decorator may be perfect for you. [More]
School For Interior Decorating Online
School for interior decorating online course
INTERIOR DESIGN SCHOOL! HOW TO GET ACCEPTED! advice & everything you need to know to get into interior design school! By: Kristen McGowan COMMENT: ANY QUESTIONS YOU HAVE! *Don’t forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!* ____________________________________________________________________ [More]