…why i quit studying health science.
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Health Science Is Bullsh*t
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Bachelor of Health Sciences; a pathway to Medicine
The Bachelor of Health Sciences is a great pathway into Medicine. Watch this clip to learn how Bek Adams gained entry into Medicine by studying Health Sciences at UQ.
What Exactly is Health Sciences?
In which I explain exactly what it is that I’m studying and how my opinion toward it has changed since I first looked into it over 4 years ago.
Health Science Careers The Movie
Health Science Careers: The Movie follows a patient through a simulated accident, treatment and recovery, highlighting the health sciences that one can study at Montgomery College. Montgomery College offers credit programs in: – Diagnostic Medical [More]
Health Science & Yog Science: Acharya Balkrishna | 18 Oct 2016 (Part 1)
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How UCT’s Health Science faculty protested peacefully for change
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School of Kinesiology and Health Science
Kinesiology & Health Science: the largest in Canada with more program choices in the study of physical activity and its importance for human health, health science and society. We offer certificate programs in Athletic Therapy [More]