African cinema dominates London Film Festival
Witchcraft in Zambia, toxic masculinity in South Africa, and folk tales from Swaziland, are just some of the African themes at this year’s London Film Festival. Filmmakers from the Africa are challenging the way their [More]
GFF 2017 Opening Ceremony Live-stream
El Gouna Film Festival Opening Ceremony
Deepika Padukone at Cannes Film Festival 2017
Deepika Padukone looks dazzling at Cannes Film Festival 2017
How to get into a Film Festival – advice from a Festival Director
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I Won a Film Festival?!
Hey guys – I don’t often share what I’ve been up to outside of YouTube, so today I decided to tell you guys about a recent film festival I won 🙂 ** Want to get [More]
Black Coffee (Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner 2013)
Written and Directed/DOP by Shayna Markowitz Produced by Sarah Cook Editing & Colourization by Shayna Markowitz & Sarah Cook Cinematography by Shayna Markowitz
Cannes Film Festival 2015 | The Martyr | Short Film
Cannes Short Film Corner 2015 “The Martyr” is an agonizing saga of the life of a freedom fighter ​Jagat Singh who has undiminished patriotism . It aims to propound that it’s not only the soldiers [More]
22nd Kolkata International Film Festival 2016 Live Program || SRK,Amitabh Bachchan
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Donkey – Tribeca Film Festival and Award-Winning Short Film
If you enjoyed Donkey (and I hope you did!), do watch our latest short, you’ll love it –