What is Chronic Pain
Source Description: New evidence based approaches to chronic pain management. For more detailed information visit the Hunter Integrated Pain Service website http://www.hnehealth.nsw.gov.au/pain Follow us on Twitter: @HUmedicarelocal Used with permission via creative commons license posted [More]
Pain Matters- Exploring Chronic Pain in America
This Discovery Channel documentary explores what chronic pain is, its individual and societal impact, and the future of pain management through the stories and struggles of six individuals living with chronic pain. Submitted by: https://www.affordabledentistcrowley.com/ [More]
Chronic Pain: The Invisible Disease
Cool Group’s documentary for the RSJ’s TV Documentary class. Chronic pain affects one in five Canadians. The cause and type of pain can vary greatly from person to person and have a crippling impact on [More]
Chronic Pain – Is it All in Their Head? – Daniel J. Clauw M.D.
Dr. Dan Clauw, the Director of the Chronic Pain & Fatigue Center at the University of Michigan, presents an overview of what is currently known about what the underlying causes of chronic pain are and [More]
Living with Chronic Pain
A #realtalk about chronic pain and its relationship with depression and personal responsibility. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! FOLLOW ME http://twitter.com/nanalew http://facebook.com/nanalew http://instagram.com/nanalew
Living with Chronic Pain: My Story + Top Tips
Loads of info below! Love you all so much ♥ SKIP TO MY 5 TIPS HERE: 21:03 ♥ SNAPCHAT: HeyMissCrista ♥ INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/littlemisscrista ♥ TUMBLR: http://bundyrabbit.tumblr.com ♥ FLICKR: http://flickr.com/photos/dreamarchitect *For business inquiries/product reviews please contact [More]
Elliot Krane: The mystery of chronic pain
http://www.ted.com We think of pain as a symptom, but there are cases where the nervous system develops feedback loops and pain becomes a terrifying disease in itself. Starting with the story of a girl whose [More]
Chronic Pain – Explained
Here’s an informative video from Hunter Medicare Local in Australia on understanding types of pain and what to do about it. The video focuses mostly on chronic pain. Since this can be elusive and really [More]