Anti-Depressant May Ease Cancer Pain Cymbalta reduced chemotherapy-induced painful neuropathy. I’m Erin White and this is a dailyRx Minute. While chemotherapy can save lives, it can also have side effects that can last years. An existing medication may [More]
KST Chiropractic for pain after Chemotherapy due to Breast Cancer at Van Every
For more information go to: At Van Every Family Chiropractic Center we provide chiropractic care for the entire family including children, babies, pregnant women, and the elderly. We strive to educate our patients and [More]
Joint Pain After Chemotherapy by NoMoreVitamins com – Don’t let diets and hype distract you from the truth! There’s another way no one has told you about, the holistic way to stop your joint pain and inflammation anywhere in your body, [More]
How to Kill Cancer Stem Cells – Dr. Bradford Weeks
Visit our website: Join TTAC’s 500K+ FB fans: Support our mission by commenting and sharing with your friends and family below. —————- Summary —————- In this video, cancer researcher Ty Bollinger speaks with [More]
Chemo School at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center
Chemo School is an introduction to chemotherapy at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Chemo School is designed to take the fear out of chemotherapy for both the patient and their caregivers. From your first [More]
Sonia Trigueros: Nanotube-packed pills could target cancer directly – Full WIRED Health Talk
Chemotherapy could one day be replaced by high-tech pills that directly target cancerous cells. New research into nanotechnology is looking to tackle huge problems on a tiny scale. Sonia Trigueros, co-director of the Oxford Martin [More]
Procrit Commercial 2
The second commercial for Procrit, an antianemia drug that was pulled from the market.
No More FCR? Pill Treatments for CLL Present New Options
Could promising new pills for CLL mean the end of the “FCR” treatment approach? For years, many CLL patients have received this chemotherapy regimen — Fludarabine, Cyclophosphamide, and Rituximab given intravenously. With this approach come [More]
Anticancer Chemotherapy – Mitomycin C Part 5
In this video we discuss the mechanism of action of the antitumour and also antibiotic chemotherapeutic agent Mitomycin C.
Chemo #7
Gotta love chemo brain and my random thoughts. haha sorry if it’s painful to watch/follow along.