5 Side Effects of Chemotherapy For Cancer | You Should Know This 😱
5 Side Effects of Chemotherapy For Cancer Read More: http://amzn.to/2pnFdvg Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide responsible for about 8.8 million deaths in 2015. Treatment options for cancer include chemotherapy, radiation [More]
Chemo sucks, Pills, and My MOM! | Vlogs: Chemo Day 1
Hey Lovelies!! Writing long things during chemo is hard so thats all I’m putting haha Love you guys! M y S i g m a B e a u t y F a v o [More]
Chemotherapy Treatment Kills – Why You Should Never Do It
In this video you learn why chemotherapy treatment is a deadly method to treat cancer and something, you need to avoid. Download a free chemo questionnaire before doing this treatment. https://www.cancerwisdom.net/chemo-questions/ Summary of video: History [More]
Update: Problem with Chemo Pills
Hey Lovelies!! Some things don’t mix with a chemo pill but I am doing way better! Thank you so much! I love you guys! M y S i g m a B e a u [More]
Antifungal drugs video
This video for Medical purpose only.This video help you to how anti-fungal drug works in our body.This video also help pharmacy student and medical student who are interested to learn anti-fungal medication
Cancer Drugs – Learn with Visual Mnemonics!
Website: http://VisualLearner.net/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/visuallearnerstudios Twitter: https://twitter.com/VL_Studios Alright…today, we will go over some common classes of drugs used in treating cancer and examples within each class. To remind you of this, this picture is a scene [More]
Xeloda Side Effects
This Explain Everything video describes the side effects of the tablet chemotherapy called Xeloda or capecitabine
Chemotherapy is a medicine that is used to treat many types of cancer. It can be given in pill form (by mouth) or by intravenous (often called IV). This video gives you information about chemotherapy [More]