First Chemo Pill – Agent Orange Exposure Leukemia/lymphoma – April 2012
This is the day I wanted – or needed your company – as I took my first chemo pill to treat my two new cancers. So I share this experience and challenge with you now. [More]
Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Dr’s VEGAN Diet Prevention Pills Pink Ribbon Chemotherapy DrOz (MUST SEE-Factory Farms), (Dietitians), (Dr’s for Vegan), (Prevention Tips),,,,,,,! Vegetarians live longer on average!
Night Cap! Poppin’ my Chemo Pill! chronicle #3
Random mummblings & thoughts from my first radiation treatments & Temodar aka Chemo Pill experiences. A rough walkthrough of my radiation therapy session. Big Thanks to the SUPER AWESOME Folks in my Life! And Last [More]
Chemotherapy Pills Could Soon be Cheaper for Cancer Patients
DOWNTOWN COLUMBUS (James Jackson) — It may soon be cheaper for cancer patients to get a certain chemotherapy treatment. Barbara DePalma is a Breast Cancer survivor. She’s been living Cancer-free for 24 years, and says [More]
Cami’s last chemo pill!
After over 2 years of taking daily chemo pills and getting monthly chemo injections…Cami is FINALLY done with her treatments and we are proud to say she is cancer free!
Why an Expert is Excited About New Pills vs. Chemo for CLL
Dr. Richard Furman, a leading CLL clinician and researcher at Weill-Cornell Medical College, attended the International Workshop on CLL in Germany and came away with a firm resolve not to prescribe chemotherapy regimens for his [More]
STARTING CHEMOTHERAPY (10.25.13 – Day 1639)
Here’s the uncensored version of the surgery! Signed Posters, Phone cases, shirts!! (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) Twitter Charles – Alli – Subscribe To Our Other Channels: Free [More]
Cheaper Chemotherapy Pills
A new bill would cap the amount of money insurance companies could charge for chemotherapy pills.
Learn How Take Chemo Pills by 8-year old Daemen (FIGHTING FOR DAEMEN)
Learn How to Take Chemo Pills by 8-year old Daemen! He is fighting this terrible disease and will win. He wants to help others learn to take his pill! Checkout Fighting for Daemen!!
Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments & Side Effects : Chemotherapy Tablets & Side Effects
The side effects of chemotherapy tablets are generally the same as chemotherapy given in other forms, though they tend to not be as strong or harsh because of lower dosages. Find out how all chemotherapy [More]