STARTING CHEMOTHERAPY (10.25.13 – Day 1639)
Here’s the uncensored version of the surgery! Signed Posters, Phone cases, shirts!! (↓↓ click show more ↓↓) Twitter Charles – Alli – Subscribe To Our Other Channels: Free [More]
Cheaper Chemotherapy Pills
A new bill would cap the amount of money insurance companies could charge for chemotherapy pills.
Learn How Take Chemo Pills by 8-year old Daemen (FIGHTING FOR DAEMEN)
Learn How to Take Chemo Pills by 8-year old Daemen! He is fighting this terrible disease and will win. He wants to help others learn to take his pill! Checkout Fighting for Daemen!!
Chemotherapy Cancer Treatments & Side Effects : Chemotherapy Tablets & Side Effects
The side effects of chemotherapy tablets are generally the same as chemotherapy given in other forms, though they tend to not be as strong or harsh because of lower dosages. Find out how all chemotherapy [More]
How Chemotherapy Drugs Work
Learn how different types of chemotherapy drugs work. Dr. Meschino explains the process of cell division & explains the stages of cell division that different chemotherapy drugs target to stop the replication of cancerous cells. [More]
One week of oral chemotherapy (Temodar) for brain cancer
My treatment for a Grade 2 Astrocytoma (brain tumor). My blog is now at: This was filmed over a five-day period showing all the times I took pills. Pills include Temodar chemotherapy, nausea drugs, [More]
Cancer Patients’ Dilemma: Expensive Pills or Invasive Chemo Treatment
Cancer patient Jere Carpentier would prefer taking a pill to having intravenous chemotherapy in a doctor’s office. But she — and other people like her — are being denied access to newer oral chemotherapy drugs [More]