This video is about my Lupus update.
Chemo Pill
September 29, 2009
An Update On Chemo 5 Days In
So, here’s a short update. I’m sorry I can’t update people more I am feeling so tired and unwell at the moment it’s hard to get a vlog done. I am posting bits on [More]
How Do You Dispose Of Chemotherapy Drugs?
As a result, the epa regulates only nine chemotherapy drugs as hazardous trust us with your waste disposal needs. Do not crush pills, tablets, or capsules. Common wastes in the nov 22, 2016 it’s important [More]
What Is The Chemo Pill?
Chemotherapy drugs for breast cancerchemotherapy wikipedia. Komen breastcancer thechemotherapydrugs. Apr 2016 chemo is the use of strong drugs to kill cancer. It’s a liquid or pill that you swallow may have chemotherapy tablets capsules to [More]
What’s in my chemo bag? | TeamEllie
Hey guys! I thought I would do a fun video about what’s in my chemo bag. I hope you enjoy! (: My social medias: BLOG: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: elliewate2001 For business enquires: [More]
What to Expect at Your First Infusion Appointment
It is normal for patients to feel a little nervous about starting infusion treatment, also known as chemotherapy or chemo. This video walks you through what to expect on your first day of treatment. Learn [More]
Chemotherapy, drugs, medication, surgery and radiation do not cure cancer or any other disease
If you want to cure cancer stay away from the following treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, pills and other medication. Cancer has never been cured with these treatments. See for yourself why these treatments [More]
Stage-4 Cancer Cured in 7 Weeks without Chemo presents Dr. Robert Kleinwaks and Jonathan Landsman, Host of the Holistic Oral Health Summit – which teaches you how to identify, prevent and eliminate the roots of disease. Get FREE access – register now: [More]