#TomorrowsDiscoveries: While chemotherapy attacks and kills 99 percent of breast cancer cells, it leaves behind chemotherapy-resistant cancer stem cells, which can later cause metastatic tumors. Dr. Gregg Semenza’s team has identified a way to overcome [More]
Reducing hair loss for breast cancer patients during chemotherapy, Norwalk Hospital is the only hospital in the state offering a pilot program, using an ice cold approach.
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I wanted to share this monologue with you, as the subject matter is very close to my heart, having lost three friends to cancer as well as my father. My sister-in-law has recently come through [More]
Chemotherapy, the word itself scares and overwhelms. Very often, it is more frightening than Cancer itself. This short film helps dispel the fear, very often exaggerated. It explains the hows and whys of Chemotherapy. It [More]