Six months of chemotherapy with oxaliplatin plus a fluoropyrimidine is standard in stage III #coloncancer, but oxaliplatin is associated with cumulative neurotoxicity. Would a shorter course be effective? Read the full study:
From the video DVD “Understanding the Chemotherapy Process,” USA DOC 05.09.28, © 2005 Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc., a member of the sanofi-aventis Group, makers of Taxotere® (docetaxil) chemotherapy injection concentrate.
Tea has been lauded for an array of potential health benefits — from reducing cancer and heart disease risk, improving dental health and boosting weight loss.
Ben Stiller appeared on Today with his surgeon, Dr. Edward Schaeffer, to discuss his health after he revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in June 2014. 22, 2016), Stiller said to Matt Lauer, [More]
The liver is the largest organ inside the body and is located just below the ribs on the right side. The liver has many functions: it filters waste and other harmful materials from the blood, [More]
Chemotherapy: Definition and Use
Learn how to pronounce Chemotherapy in English correctly – pronunciation of Chemotherapy ★ ★ Click show more for definition of Chemotherapy ___________ CHEMOTHERAPY Pronunciation: /,kɛmə’θɛrəpi/ – chem-o-ther-a-py – Definition: (noun) the use of chemical [More]
This medical animation illustrates how acute myeloid leukemia (AML), the most common type of cancer in adults, develops in the blood and bone marrow. The narrator also discusses the symptoms of AML and AML treatment [More]
Difference between chemotherapy and radiation therapy the difference between chemotherapy and radiation southeast treatcancer blog difference chemotherapy radiation a class “_zkb” href ” url?q webcache.Googleusercontent search. , it is important to know what the difference [More]
Eating well during chemotherapy treatment can be a challenge. Chemotherapy can affect both appetite and flavor preference. Foods may start to taste strange or take on a metallic taste. In addition, there are many other [More]