Here is what the first patient had to say, “My wound is healing up amazingly well – it’s looking great! I am overwhelmed at the body’s capacity to heal. The hole had filled up within [More]
Radiotherapy is the use of high energy X-rays to treat cancer. It is a very common treatment for cancer. Learn what happens when you have radiotherapy for brain tumours and head and neck cancers. It [More]
Nicolas Serandour, chief operating officer (COO) and chief finance officer (CFO) Advanced Oncotherapy (LON:AVO), says the firm is looking at “disrupting the market” with its proton cancer treatment technology. Serandour says: “We are in the [More]
The frequencies encoded along with the subliminal and supraliminal programming in this video will cause you body to effectively remove cancerous cells from your body, It works by strengthening your own immune system, removing telemease [More]
Build A Successful Online Business FAST and start earning $1000 a day. C L I C K : NEVER WORRY MONEY AGAIN! For just SIMPLE steps. C L I C K : For [More] This 3D medical animation reviews the treatment options for cervical cancer such as surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. ANS00408
Immunotherapy is a gene-editing cell treatment that uses a cancer patient’s own immune system to fight cancer cells. And scientists say it has an over 90% success rate. Lead researcher Stanley Riddell at the Fred [More]
Studies using patients’ immune cells to fight cancer are making over half of patients symptom-free. See more at Follow Ryan Biek: Sources: Videoblocks–ipad-close-up-KOI5rqD/ Sky News Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center Fred [More]
A new cancer therapy that uses immune cells to target blood cancer has had “extraordinary” success in clinical trials. Joining RT’s Anya Parampil to discuss the breakthrough is Dr. David Maloney of the Fred Hutchinson [More]
An experimental new immunotherapy treatment apparently caused 90% of those who participated in the study to go into complete remission. ———————————— STORY LINK: ———————————— OUR OTHER CHANNELS: iO Trendz: iO 2: iO GameTime: [More]