Venflon (intravenous cannula) insertion . Few examples
The videos were taken as professionals were getting on with their everyday life
Cephalic vein
Cephalic vein; Axillary vein; Subclavian vein
PICC Line Insertion
Nurses at Charles Gairdner hospital insert a PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) line This is about my 25th PICC line or so, hence I am rather calm when they go in; I’ve even slept [More]
MW9 Peripheral Venous Catheter Placement Simulator
Peripheral Venous Catheter Placement Simulator provides full procedural skills from injection to foxing IV cannula. [FEATURES] 1. All training skills for the peripheral venous route management. 2. Two puncture sites: median ante brachial vein and [More]
Canine IV Catheter Placement
IV access is important for many procedures and this video will walk you through how to place a cephalic intravenous catheter in a dog. Real-life online education for veterinary professionals – – – – [More]
Nursing Skill: Accessing a Port-a-Cath
If you would like to review questions going over this topic you can go here: To review more topics: I really hope this video helps you a lot 🙂 Please let me know [More]
Central line placement
How to insert a central venous catheter line. For full details, visit – it’s free. Creative Commons licensing – attribution, non-commercial, share-alike. Although care has been taken in preparing the information shared in all [More]