Procédure de soins – Pose et retrait d’aiguille sur chambre implantable. Document de formation audiovisuel Plus d’infos: et Cette page met à disposition les « Procédures de soins » qui régissent l’application des [More]
Kyle Puckett provides a detailed explanation of the NHSN protocol for central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) surveillance during the 2017 NHSN Training. Comments on this video are allowed in accordance with our comment policy: [More]
Brachial Plexus, presented by Suresh K. Mukherji, MD, MBA, FACR, Chairman, MSU Department of Radiology, during the 2015 course “A Simplified Approach to Head & Neck Radiology”.
2D version of the Oakland University School of Health Sciences blood draw training video. This video contains entirely original work. Similarity with any other products is coincidental.
Destiny taking out the nerve block catheter tube in my neck from my anterior labrum repair (Torn ligament in my shoulder)
Labrum surgery progress update. I was a little confused about what was supposed to be on the end of the tube but it was fine. Haha pain medication confusion
The videos were taken as professionals were getting on with their everyday life
Cephalic vein; Axillary vein; Subclavian vein