The main aim of this Video is to cover all possible errors and resolutions for those errors you might get during the development.
A good design and development workflow for any application involves users early and often to help inform and validate decisions when they can still be cheaply improved. In this session we will walk through using [More]
Cost and design are two of the toughest issues for companies that are engaged in mobile app development. On the iOS platform (iPhone/iPad), particular attention is paid to design, and Android also has its own [More]
Recorded on Mar 24 2016 at GCP NEXT 2016 in San Francisco. Realtime is becoming an essential part of any user experience. Previously, making an app realtime has been difficult to achieve and requires many [More]
Android App Development Beginner How to Install using Eclipse-Android SDK-Java JDK and ADT Plugin Setting up android tools by separate downloads and installation of ECLIPSE, ANDROID SDK, JAVA JDK & ADT PLUGINS. The massive popularity [More]
In this tutorial we go through the steps needed to build your first Android app. You will create a simple UI, add some Java code, and then run your app. Read the full article on [More]
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This video is the first video in my iOS App Development collection! This is also the second video in my Objective-C tutorial. An introductory tutorial for beginning programmers to iOS application development! These segments of [More] [Android app development training – campus & online courses] Learn how to build an Android application for smart phones, tablets & other mobile devices in this recorded webinar segment from premier computer training school, [More]