2019 9/11 Truth Film Festival – Part 1

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Live Streamed on September 11, 2019 from the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, California by NoLiesRadio. More info here: https://noliesradio.org/archives/167921

PART 1 –[00:00} Bonnie Falkner of Guns and Butter welcome; [04:00] Abbottabad: Video of Osama bin Laden Not Real; [05:54] Video: Blowback or Bloody Treason, music video by the late Vic Sadot and [12:18] tribute to him by Kevin Barrett: [16:38] Video: The Secret Lie that Started the Afghan War, a film by James Corbett; [45:28] Video: A Mostly False Bloviation, video featuring Lee Hamilton: [52:07] Video: 9/11 Memorial Museum Officials Accept “Truther Art” into Permanent Collection, a film by John Massaria [01:22:38] Mysterious Collapse of Building 7 with Ed Asner;[01:37:16] Dwain Deets speaks about the Truth Action Project (TAP)


Phil Jermakian says:

I guess the opening is why we assassinated those navy seals.

Graham Crawford says:

The depth of corruption is astonishing. How the fuck are they getting away with this!!! Why are the families accepting this?

Alberto C says:

The cabal cannot survive 9/11 Truth.
……..NEVER underestimate it! ✊☮️
Vic Sadot was a part of the grassroots campaign iamthefaceoftruth.com

Hoodlidaddle Bear says:

Thank you Kevin. The world gets to see this now.

R P says:

Will there ever be any justice for the true perpetrators

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