Losing Weight Feels GREAT!

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Losing weight does feel great. I’m discussing the many ways in which I feel so much better since losing 53 pounds. Life is good and I feel great!


Mickie Jobe says:

Dotti I agree it's more than staying in points and losing weight. It's about being healthy!

Mickie Jobe says:

Dotti I love the slide story. My secret goal is to someday be able to climb a rock wall. Also I agree with your question from the beginning: why do we gain weight back? I don't know but I do know we can be successful!

KCallaAK says:

I grinned all the way through this video Dotti. I love you!

JB Retsik says:

Love your sense of humor!

INTJ Island says:

Not only does it feel great it looks great! You are doing awesome Babe!!!

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