10 Tips for Eating Out

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In this video, I discuss 10 tips for eating out at restaurants, while remaining on your weight loss program. These are tricks I learned when I lost 100 pounds and made Lifetime with Weight Watchers in 1998. I hope you will find them useful.


faypaints says:

Love your tips on eating out, Dotti! I had not heard the "three bites" trick before. That is a great idea – as long as I can control myself! 🙂 I love chocolate, but hardly ever eat it. And I have to find a non-dairy, low sugar chocolate, because of food sensitivities. So when I find chocolate I can eat, Oh boy! It is hard to stop. Thanks for another great video!

Lenny Luckey says:

Great tips as always,Dotti.

JB Retsik says:

You really are a natural for YouTube, Dotti. Just a few short videos and you're so relaxed! Great tips; thank you!

Diann Nussbaum says:

can you tell us more about the weight watcher program you are on now? How is it different? How difficult is it to count?

Kathy Coen says:

Another great video!!

INTJ Island says:

Great video! You just keep getting better. (You have been doing that for over 44 years. It is amazing!)

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