Awful Game Ads On Instagram 2

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Guys these are some bad ads. These are some bad awful ads.


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Tashi The Cloud Goddess says:

7:45 damn I fuckin choked

Anonymous says:

The beeping from morse code since it was a lot of beeps and non stop. Its saying like an sos signal

Itty bitty Gaywad says:

“ trying to turn me straight, not gonna happen buddy” -me at any boy who hits on me

luiza bell says:

I started laughing at that bear ad

erika hawkins says:

I have the first game

Lina Star says:

I'm traumatized… Oh Jesus Christ

Madeline says:

‘Oh no! Your daughter has been sick in school do you:
‘Pick her up and take her to the hospital or
BeAt ThE sHiT oUt oF tHe pRincIpAl aNd wIn The OlYmpIcS?

Watermelone Ree says:

Only 1844 kids will get this….

Me: the game is snake,and I was born in the early 2000s SMH lol

Oh wait there were no digital devices back then …….those freaking liars

SaVa says:

I died at 7:31 lmao but only 1840 kids will get it


Everyone going in the comments so they can see what the morse code means….. Am I wrong?

Brogan Bennett says:


Daniel Ekenberg says:

Plz play episode

Roze Does Art says:

It's says look it up on the internet

skull princess says:

If you’re going to play community stories on episode play
Under you
Faking death
Dirty little secrets
My sugar baby affair
Confessions of a 40 year old bad boy
My brothers best friend
My hot mess(I’m famous and pregnant)
(I have more but this is already a lot)

Natalie Smith says:

the closed captioning on this video makes it 10x funnier.

Laima I. says:

I love badads

Ethan Mell says:

0:04 I thought you said badass

Bean and Leans channel says:

Everyone. Every episode.

Can't think of a good name I says:

I saw the one for matchington mansion

Eat my Cheerios says:

Oh no! You have to answer your crush!

Option 1: solve the mass of the moon

Option 2: turn yourself into a witch

the puppet show says:

British army

doll obsessed says:

Wife makes moaning noises in room

-Open the door

-Throw her baby in the toilet

Kawaii Key says:

Heh heh heh I don't need the toilet anymore…

Peridot says:

The spanking bear is just…. Staring into my soul like he knows exactly what I'm thinking..

Call me Senpai says:

You may have been looking for the special one but I am looking for dragon born

syrup and pancakes says:

lmao- turn on the captions at 7:15

just turn on captions in general,,

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