What Al Gore says is possible by 2023

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Hear Former US Vice President Al Gore predict a sustainability revolution that will open the way to solving the climate crisis.

Watch the full Salesforce World Economic Forum Luncheon:


WRPServices says:

Hey Al! Why are you suppressing Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse' global electrical grid system that makes the global AC Electricity Grid obsolete. We know that you are in cahoots with the Globalist Clowns. FREE THE NEW TECHNOLOGY NOW. 120 years of suppression is long enough. We the People demand its release and implementation immediately, and then we won't put you in prison.

ColeRaid0311 says:

In the late 2000s, Al Gore made a series of high-profile statements
suggesting the possibility that Arctic sea ice could be completely gone
during the summer by around 2013 or 2014.

PEB says:

Please, don't delete. I want to show this the my baby daughters when they are teenagers.

Mark Eger Petersen says:

Hey Al, i thought you said in 2009 that the ice caps would be absent in the summer seasonal thaw by 2016. WHAT HAPPENED WITH THAT? I bet against your predictions.

Rat Ghost says:

In his 1992 book Earth In the Balance Gore predicted that the Florida coastline would begin to disappear starting in less than 20 years. We're still waiting Al…..Gore predicted that all the polar ice caps would be completely melted by 2010….still waiting. Massive flooding in China…..still waiting. Early ice age in Europe….. still waiting. Polar Bear extinction….still waiting. In fact the Polar Bear population today is on the increase. In 1980 Paul Ehrlich predicted that the earth would become "over populated" and run dry of fossil fuels by the year 2000….still waiting Paul. At the first earth day summit in 1970 the original band of eco-extremists drew up a ludicrous manifesto claiming, amongst other dubious predictions, that civilization would end completely in 15 to 30 years, that a new ice age would appear by year 2000, that starting in 1980, the world would experience 100 million to 200 million starvation deaths per year. Never happened, never will. Consider that all these climate alarmist own or live in nice roomy "big carbon footprint" mansions and own several automobiles of which maybe 1 is non-carbon emitting, also own or continually use private jets and/or big carbon spewing commercial airliners to move about domestically. So you can easily see that the elitist hypocrites are the ones who tell you to give up your family car and use mass transportation and live in smaller homes that use less energy, ride a bike to work, give up your air conditioning, give up your lawn mower, "go solar!", "go green!", "buy local!", have fewer children, blah, blah blah — but they themselves don't follow these rules when it comes to their own wasteful, consumptive, carbon spewing lifestyles. Green for thee, but not for me.

PEB says:

Hey Al, get rid of your GulfStream jet. Then we'll talk.

idiotburns says:

Global alarmist panel?

Wesley Thomas says:

All the negative attacks and denials are just wishful thinking that the danger will magically pass . the science is conclusive .Pure observation even more so. The truth cannot be denied. Corporate Propaganda is powerful but The Truth cannot be denied.

Martin Martin says:

The great hoax artist!

Erv Felker says:

Climate change is a cyclical process and we are heading into the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. Remember Al Gore said there would be no snow by 2013.

Jamal Schlongnyabut says:

What the hell is Will.i.am doing on a panel like this?

Rob says:

Al Gore – The thick skinned exaggerator and self promotor.

You would think Al Gore would have looked into the mirror and realised he is looking at an arrogant self entitled idiot whose predictions have been woefully inaccurate and misrepresented the facts on so many occasions that any reasonable person would have the brains to stay silent.
Gore has been shown to exaggerate things by taking a pessimistic outlook and the projecting the extremes of others estimates. Now he is flying around using up fossil fuels and ignoring his own wasteful ways to try to convince others they should pay for the cost of climate change so he can continue producing the very waste he condemns others for producing.

Elton Ron says:

This godless fraud known to be an energy hog of the worst order, is still given credibility? Must be another leftist mutual admiration gathering.

Badrobot says:

Unfortunately for Fruadster Gore and his climate alarmists, statistically it has been proven that a monkey throwing a dice would have a better chance of predicting the weather temperature based on his and teh UN's previous attempts that have all without exception been proven wrong!

R Campana says:

Liberals elect conservatives. Their mistakes costs billions, jobs economy

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