CHRIS FROOME | 4x Tour de France Winner | Beyond Victory #9

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On the latest episode of Beyond Victory, I speak with four time Tour de France winner, Chris Froome, OBE, about how he has achieved such incredible success, coming from Kenya and South Africa to reach the pinnacle of worldwide cycling – winning the hardest race known to man an incredible four times, as well as all of cycling’s three grand tours.




Nico Rosberg says:

Incredible stories from Chris!! Who do you want to see next? Let me know in the comments here 🙂

Darin Steele says:

Froome's average watts 470 for 30 mins is goddamn insane.

Dario Tm says:

Phenomenal Rider #ChrisFroome!!!!
Greetings from Colombia

Kumar Ramalingam says:

Truly a legend!

Uday Chopra says:

Nico, I have been looking forward to your interviews , this one was special! Thank you, well done.

Brijraj Agarwal says:

What an incredible podcast, Nico. I'm glad this showed up on my feed.

David Riemer says:

the bad part of biking is doping….

Sandor Bako says:

270w is not bad at all, nice video Nico btw

Manfred Adams says:

Ask Chris to hook you up with his 'asthma medicines' and you'll fly up that mountain.

Paul anon says:

Such great interviews, I think if you were to make them more polished or professional then they would lose the relaxed atmosphere. Don't try and make them any slicker, just focus on getting interesting guests and asking intelligent questions, as you are now doing, and I will keep watching.

GilbertoJuniorSBMK says:

For me, Froome best the best cyclist.

BBQ reunie says:

A very good interview. Well done by Nico and a very open and honest Chris Froome wich character I admire.
As others once reacted that its easy for Nico to vlog. With his exposure, his fame and money its easy to start a good channel. I could agree on that.
But still you have to find interesting items and people and more important, find the right tone to get a interesting interview and must say, this format, way of questioning, discussion really delivers quality.

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