The Real Reasons Beyonce Can’t Stand Kim Kardashian

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They might run in similar circles, but Kim Kardashian and Beyonce are hardly best friends. Even though they’re seen together occasionally, the friendship is reportedly pretty one-sided, with Kardashian allegedly bending over backwards to get into Queen B’s good graces…and failing pretty miserably. Why aren’t these superstars close? Let’s find out…

Hold Up | 0:19
Partition | 1:10
Irreplaceable | 1:33
Naughty Girl | 2:18
Ring the Alarm | 2:42
Daddy Lessons | 3:06

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Gemini B says:

Kim's always said she didn't use drugs. Now thou her&khloe were on TV bashing Kourtney for not admitting to having a E


It's so weird how much people worship beyonce. She is not GOD and they don't have to like each other sheesh.

Little Foot says:

Because Beyoncé and jayz are satanists and also jealous of Kim’s and Kanye’s popularity. These illumanti satanists can’t stand that Kanye is trying to wake up the world to the crimes their kind are doing.

Bennie Best says:

Who told you???

Bryan Wong says:

B….Kim..can u sing in C key.

K.K …… Huh? I know how to hold the 8 inch mike n stroke it. Or mouth it.??

B….. huh?? Oooooo Kay..i m sure u do!

Pia Love says:

Why is this a news worthy story?

Mogadi Angela Sello says:

Am i the only one who noticed that all the titles for the "reasons" are titles of Bey's songs?

Miss. Vee says:

Kim doesn't care

Hot Cheeto says:

I love kim she is perfection and beyonce is so ugly

Carol Berwind says:

Beyonce is no better. She likes to show her cuchi on stage slot!!

Emily Nunez says:

Because Kim is a fake skank with no talent that's why

Ianna Tyus says:

who is bay???

Taniya Green says:

Beyonce is not going to like no one that's cuter than her that have a better shape than her or just cute hang around her and Jay-Z she has to be number one she has to be the ringleader she's not going to want another cute woman hanging around her with a nice shape that's too much like having competition around her

Sadine Griffith says:

b is ugly man is ugly an baby is ugly simple leave Kim d fuck alone

Courtney L says:

Ppl assume Beyonce can’t stand Kim K. Lol she ain’t never said anything about that woman.

Martina Elliott says:

I just do not know what to say about her

nina Maldonado says:

Bounce wishes she had kim's real hair

River Dawn says:

Beyonce is doing good. stay with stupid you catch it too

Sofa Kulit says:

beyonce sing…dance….she's a hardworker while kim does only taking pictures and not so much sweat…..yet,she is just as famous as beyonce…if i beyonce…i would be mad too.
not to mention i think jay z wants kim….u can tell

Bella Blanca says:

I think y'all forgetting Kim comes from money her dad is the lawyer that got O.J off back n the day so being a freak was a choice she choose n bey to classy to be hanging w females that has low self esteem to the point u do anything to get fame

seenita long says:

I love you Beyoncé

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