The US Navy Needs More of This Ship to Challenge China in South China Sea

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The US Navy Needs More of This Ship to Challenge China in South China Sea

Amphibious warfare forces will play a pivotal role in an era of renewed great power competition.

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Askia Aziz says:

Hell No!!! The US Navy need to get the Hell OUT of The South China Sea!!!

dazeight qfourhundred says:

God bliss America Military and its Navy. Communist China is Number one enemy of America. They like to control South China Sea. They have to be stop. Communist China does not own South China Sea.

燃魂纵宇 says:

those vehicles are f**king expensive, LOL

onlythewise1 says:

marines kicking ass and back for lunch .

David Hynes says:

No youtube in China so all these Chinese trolls must be spies in the US, living in freedom and clean air.

Joel Aujero says:

Philippine Navy should have this military hardwares to advance the national security of the nation particularly the spratlys islands

Leocil Torres says:

world war 3 is comming..

Nate 1982 says:

You going to attack China with only 38 amphibious assault ships… SOMEBODY NEED THAT ASS KICKED COMING UP WITH THIS VIDEO !!!

Paul Knauf says:

take out the commercials and then I might watch it to the end.

dik lumber says:

The American Evil never learn the lesson in Viet Nam. The army and solders are human when they go to the war either get kills or be prisoners. back home families or parents might never see their love one anymore. Did all Americans catch any news about B-52 and war plane were shot down in Viet Nam? you might not know then?

AeroNight Traveler says:

Should one Mistake Occurs— be careful of SUICIDE Soldiers … "One kills many or one kills great leaders" — NORTH Korea, Japan , Philippine – die for the country happily (born to be happy), Islam teaching – die for Allah, Communist system in war, U.S. theme – stand for freedom. No one wins! wait for WORLD for war 4.

War Is Boring says:

I need 100subs, help me now guys ..?

Maya Maya says:

Tell it to the Marines

Blackie says:

He he…usa will concure 1.5 billion chinese people…cant stop laughing waching this stupid cia propaganda!

Harold Daniel says:

China must stand up solid to defend their country territory from predators bullies haters war not this is China home .south China sea is vital to China national security interest !!

AFP Dasuha says:

Kick China from ASEAN SEA

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