The Physics Major

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This video mostly goes over two of the biggest classes and fields you learn about as a physics undergrad which is quantum physics and classical physics. I will be going over more classes (in less detail) and more information on the major itself, who it’s right for, careers, etc in the part 2 video.

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Krishna Ramrakhani says:

12:24 how can there be negative chance?

Mike Fuller says:

This is too clever for me.

TΛZΞR says:

17:49 I thought you can't sent information this way. Because the state of your particle is random.

Tom Rubie says:

Great channel. Thanks very much for putting up these really useful and interesting videos!

Leslie Corporan says:

What if you double major and take physics and aerospace engineering. Once you receive your bachelor would you be able to work in engineering and continue school to receive a PhD in astrophysics or physics?

Armia Khairy says:

Physics is the Laws of Nature and Engineering is playing with it.

Fusiongene says:

What major are you?

FI says:

If you are between Physics and Engineering (physics-based ones like ME,CE,EE), I have some advice for you. Only major in Physics if you are willing to study for approximately 8-10 years and actually have a deep interest in the theoretical/research aspect of it. If you, instead, want to only study 3-4 years and work on real-world problems which involve applied Physics, choose Engineering. You will most likely be making more money than a Physicist (or at least the same, depending on your experience and the company).

Steven Jester says:

Great series of videos! I'd love to see your take on what an Atmospheric Science or Meteorology major has to go through. I know at my school it was a lot of the math and physics courses but with more emphasis on fluid dynamics and obviously the workings of the lower atmosphere.

Samuel Pak says:

Will you make a video on chem, bio, biochem, biotech, and that area of stem?

Michelle Xilotl says:

I’m genuinely interested in Astrology or Astrophysics. But I don’t think I can get a PhD (I don’t have the patience going to school for 8-10 years straight). Instead I’m going to be a ME, CE, or EE (still undecided).

edmund says:

What school do you go to? What made you decide on that school?

Kaleb Bruwer says:

8:55 Didn't you say that x velocity isn't affected by gravity just a few minutes ago? That means it is graphed against time.

Kaleb Bruwer says:

1:48 I'm pretty sure you swapped the arrows in the animation.

Filmon Tewolde says:

Dont major in physicis. High unemployment and shit pay on average.

Ask About says:

entanglement can not be used to transmit information, no matter what.

PC PastaFace says:


No ViDeOs No SuBs says:

Physics is a technical Liberal Arts degree

LiftedStarfish says:

I think his description of entanglement is slightly off. I've been told that it's not affecting the state elsewhere, rather it's simply allowing you to know the state of entangled particles.

Hichem Benamara says:

I wish i had watched this video before my choise

Rezynski al Varozhyni says:

Change the video speed to 1.5 and youll learn more physics and it would be more handy for your time:)

Sayan Mondal says:

Hey, can anyone tell me about an online Lagrangian and Hamiltonian course for undergrad with problem sets?

James Bra says:

I'm doing Physics 2 now, that's thermodynamics and classical electromagnetism. Prepare to get fucked.

Calintz says:

I was a physics major but switched to applied math (and minor in CS). I'm in the honors program and plan on taking lots of physics related math sequences so I can apply to grad school for physics/ applied math. I transfer to uni from my local cc Fall 2019 with my eyes on UCLA/ UCB. Any advice? I love math and physics

Abdullahi Idris says:

one on mechatronics would be nice

Soumya Modak says:

Hello MajorPrep could you suggest a book on diffused thinking

Apurbo Ghosh says:

No thank you i am better off with biology or chemistry

Joshua Barrientos says:

Can you do a video on: "Math Needed for Supersymmetry"?

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