Two Point Hospital: Interior Designer Free Update Overview [OUT NOW!]

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Get an overview of the brand new, free Interior Designer update for Two Point Hospital. Get your own walls, floors, rugs and pictures into the game in just seconds… and it’s out RIGHT NOW!

(Get the content from this video in your game right now!

Put your own face in the game, and then publish it to the Steam Workshop for instant global superfame. Or take a photo of your cat and turn it into the cutest wallpaper you’ve ever seen (you’re biased).

We’re always listening to community feedback, and this is the latest in a long series of free updates for Two Point Hospital. Stay tuned for more great updates coming soon!

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torpa15 says:

Lucy Pinder is gonna be on every poster in the hospital

Valian G says:

Still waiting for it to be on PS4

Osprey Hawk says:

I'm gonna hang so many boobs

Adam Holt says:

Good going guys. This was what I felt was one of the things missing, being stuck using the same pictures all over my hospital. Now I can just scour my HDD or the internet to find tons of content to spruce up my hospital. Now give us a way to design our own hospital layouts and it's a real winner!

MAZ Gaming UK says:

Ahhhhh I love this so much!!!! 😀 😀 😀

GameOctane says:

+1 for using Mark. Can we get his face on the bed sheets for the ward?

Bartas says:

amazing update! thank you guys for making it free 😉

Voidflakes says:

This is how cosmetics SHOULD be done – all the freedom, and for free! Good Guy TPH, showing the scummy developers how to do things right!!!

nomnom moon says:

Weaboo army is going to destroy this game, we'll see some questionable wallpapers around workshop. Thanks Two Point!

Salsa Nos Seus Jogos says:

Better check that phone quick! Oh wait, it wasn't mine 😛

pasu2k says:

Awesome! Now all we need is Exterior Designer! 😉

TupacpolatVEVO says:

Please iOS and Xbox one release date

JosPlays says:

That's really nice!

Kleavers says:

Ok that's actually really cool. Might get me back to playing the game. Would be sweet if we can change the colors of furniture etc. too.

Gould says:

So coooool ! I will try it now !

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