Trump reportedly grows weary with Giuliani’s gaffes

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President Trump is reportedly unhappy with some of the comments of his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. Politico senior White House reporter Darren Samuelsohn spoke to CBSN about whether Giuliani is in jeopardy with the president.

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Wheel333 says:

At least he is not better than Cohen. I know the best criminals.

Mr W says:

Oh that’s why Rudy tried to set a smokescreen earlier this week

Steven Human says:

In recent times, I'm happy with Rudy's performance. Hahaha

Sun Wukung says:

MAGA – My Attorney Gots Alzheimers

AntiphosNox says:

Cuomo's eyebrows hitting the deck at that perfectly obvious lie from Giuliani gets me every time.

Oldshirt says:

It's probably someone's job to A) Explain to Trump that Giuliani gaffed, and B) What the gaffe actually was, and C) Why the gaffe was a gaffe. The comedy writes itself.



chuku531 says:

Old age is a real disease. Try not to get it.

V says:

With friends like Rudy you don't need enemies. I hope he keeps blabbing.

sam Tylor says:

Rudy please stay away from fake news media

Michael Draheim says:

Everyone is concerned about Trump's behavior.

Steven Torrey says:

As the saying goes: with friends like Rudy, who needs enemies?

nelsonta00 says:

Rudy is doing fine. He should stay on TV! He's more vital to the investigation than Robert Mueller!

peter blood says:

Gout??? Feed the pig some Brussels Sprouts, he'll be fine.

Johnathan Jocavich says:

Ummmmmmmm HELLO, What the illuminati/free-masons(fbi/cia) is doing is the real crime here. Helicopters following me around should be the biggest story of the decade. Why is there such a great deal effort to keep the fact that helicopters following me around a secret? Why are people going to great lengths to keep the fact that helicopters following me hidden from the public?

michelet wilkinson-pennington says:

the orange pig deserves the old ghoul…..

J R says:

Sweet ! love to hear the Shutdown kid is having problems with his lawyer

contactpq says:

Rudy did it for free to get key information to use as bargaining chips when he has to cash them in for himself

MrTommyboy68 says:

Buh bye Rudy.

Andrea says:

Trump is very vain. He likes Rudy because next to himself Rudy makes him look gorgeous.

Edward Williams says:

We love Giuliani! Good work. Keep it up.

zevi kramer says:

Trumpf is behind every word juliii is saying

AndyNewZealand says:

I am always happy to hear when trump has been "apoplectic". Two words; stroke candidate.

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