The story behind China’s viral dancing school principal

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Video of a Chinese school principal teaching students a shuffle dance has taken the internet by storm. Zhang Pengfei, 40, appeared dressed in black and with a microphone in hand leading his pupils through a dance routing in front of their Xi Guan Primary School in Linyi county, Shanxi province.

Here is the backstory about Principal Zhang, and why he came up with the dance practice that has charmed millions online.


Some John Doe says:

I'd like to see African kids do this

sajid fahim says:

Can anyone tell me the name of the song playing on the background

Winter White says:

Totally darling….

The Influencer says:

skinny kim jong un

Mechanical Hibernation says:

Happy to know the kids are enjoying it

john bethell says:

I am 66 and wish i could shuffle dance

eric wh says:


eric wh says:

CAN'T wait too see this in my kid's school !!! WATCH OUT FAT KIDS !!!

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