NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | January 26, 2019

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the NBA featuring Joakim Noah, Gary Harris, Steph Curry, and more!

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idoko says:

CALMentator makes me miss GOATmentator

December 2016 says:

wheres james harden 25 freethrows highlight?

Andrew Spong (Lordzhuge) says:

No 6 is literally a normal 3pt shot…

Le Comédien says:

Why all Golden Gay fans are fagg ?

greadyrun says:

Nuggets <3 Gary <3

cj0618 says:

1:00 joakim NOWHERE? this commentator sure knows noah's bouncin around the league

krupesh333 says:

no kyrie, wtf ?

Konoha 246 says:

Im a GS fan but why is a normal 3 pointer of curry in the top 6?

That Guy Luis says:

Is Cringementartor still doing these top 10's?

Tom says:

Who is this normentator?

Lazy Lance says:

How is plumlee's move only in top 7?


He's also the Onemoretimementator, in case you forgot

Aziz Oueslati says:

No kyrie handles against iggy? Smh

Mac says:

no kyrie, no tatum?

Димитър Александров says:

Where is tatum's dunk

subzero8901 says:

Joakim noer

MaybeAutumn says:

0:58 That is not. Aaron Holiday. It´s his brother Justin Holiday. Aaron plays for the pacers.

Stevens Ngombo says:

Beasley got the kid looking like he using an inhaler

Stevens Ngombo says:

Curry feeling purvy with the lil shake after the 3

bertrand aamenem sambo says:


Álvaro Gorefest says:


Simone Ravizza says:


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