Ex-DNC chief: Stone weaponized info stolen by Putin

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Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, says the allegation that a top campaign aide for President Trump was directed to contact Roger Stone to get information about the DNC’s hacked emails shows that the campaign was “infected with contact with Russia.” #CNN #News


the rooster says:

Putin didn't hack or steal any information. It was downloaded onto a stick from inside the dnc party. Seth rich? Why wouldn't you hand over the servers to the fbi?

Charles Klempner says:

Justice Department must not let Awan & Debbie Wasserman Schultz off the hook. The Democrat I.T. scandal is a key to much of the corruption we see today. They want to make a ‘plea deal’ to hide what is on their Server.
CNN lets criminals on to make their defense and blame republicans and Russia.

edwurdo Ash says:

TRUMP & PELOSI ARE  just another butthurt NeverTrumper having a fit, holding his breath and stomping his feet. I have never had respect for politicians but they have reached an all time low of childish and idiotic behavior. It still amazes me people like Sasse can get elected

Demitri Tsiokas says:

Didn't suspiciously murdered DNC member Seth Rich send the "hacked emails" to Wikileaks? Was I supposed to say that?

John Patrick says:

I particularly love the fact that after 2 years of investigation we're back to "the only reason we lost is because other people gave out our own dirty e-mails".
They never once claimed the information revealed was false or doctored, nor has Julian Assange ever published false information or had to issue a retraction.
That's TRUE journalism.

Sam Jinping says:

You rigged DNC nomination and Trump rigged presidential election. Now go, shut up! #SweetKarma

jakemf1 says:

This interview is just more proof both sides are totally corrupt. She should be ashamed as well as Trump. What is happening to this country

sabbath22222 says:

oh my god. fake democratic infused media, cnn. wow! before they were threatened with a lawsuit they changed their view. people wake up you are being lied to. cnn has caused all this division in our country all this hate. the fake media is looking for cult followers. don't be that. i promise you if you watch fox news you will get the truth. free yourself from the lies

eastbosbud says:

She is BLINKING WAY TOO MUCH to be telling the truth.

William Sullivan says:

Let's not forget the DNC sabotaged Bernie. Because they only endorse corporate Democrats

cedracine says:

Is Wikileak or Julian Assange Russian or Russian Agent? – Wikileaks is a Collaborative Encyclopedia (Wiki) of Leaks!
They Publish and reveal not only HRC Misbehavior and Traison, but ANY Dirty, Immoral or Ilegal acts of Government agents and agencies!
Crooked HRC has Misbehaved – She got Catched – Not even Legally Punished for it !
Macron too has been Hacked and Published on WL … !
Age of Truth has come, Low Ethics politicians cannot Represent and Lead a Nation !

Mr. Travis says:

Bahahaha get a real job and a life!!!! Kinda like the anti Christ's trying to find the missing link. FYI there isn't one. God created everything. TRUMP 2020!!!!! #CNNFAKENEWS

Reuben Mcmurray says:

Stop coming on tv and trying to represent liberals. You dont, they hate you.

Martin Craig says:

DWS may as well have been working for Putin and Trump for all the help she gave the Democrat Party in 2016.

F o says:

if you see CNN outside your house, run like hell!!!!! just received that comment

Rich Brown says:

Debbie Was-a-man, an ugly one 2.

Gee, can't the Dimms get their story straight.

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