CBS News launches CBSN streaming network

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CBS News is launching its very first interactive streaming news network that delivers coverage you want to watch anywhere, at any time, with a single click. It is the first live, anchored news network across all leading digital platforms. Jeff Glor joins “CBS This Morning” with a look at the new venture.


kancil aspal says:

President Trump is the only President in American history that
Pray and kiss the Jewish Holly Wall
Move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Withdrawal from Iran Deal to save the Jewish people and surrounding
Make Christmas Christmas again
Trump / Pence 2020

Jacob Stevens says:

I love this

Steph J says:

Will it be the same biased pile of mess?

Ganger Ten says:

It's Hollywood news. You can edit the news any way you like.

d walker says:

Why does it freeze up all the time when using a chromebook? Anyone else having this problem?

Debbie Lucio says:

FUCK CBS NEWS UP THE ASS!…with their 3rd rate "UBN" Network!

maineshire says:

app doesn't cast to chrome. from phone 🙁

superkeegan9100 says:

Oh boy. ANOTHER news network. Just what we needed.

robinsss says:

where's the streaming  entertainment CBS?

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