Dr Muthukumar Accupuncture Specialist – Episode 1

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The Science of Acupuncture is an essential component of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), which is one of the oldest modalities of treatment with its origin dating back to 2000 B.C., Acupuncture is believed to have evolved from the Varma form of martial art practiced in early South India, which was carried to China by the sage Bohar( Bhoyang). It was later developed and used for a better understanding of the human body and therapeutic purposes.


Deepak Deepak says:

Hair treatment pathi kakanu ur contact number kadikuma

anitha selverajan says:

Fee details and appointments details please send me

RaJa GaNaPaThY says:

Sir, i want to become your student.
I am already practiced acupuncture but want to improve my knowledge and skills .
I request you to reply for my comment.

Bhavana studios says:

Dr I just started antrogenetic alopaica

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