Physics Vs Engineering | Which Is Best For You?

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This video goes over physics vs engineering and how to know which major is best for you. There is a lot of overlap between what you can get into with both degrees but there are differences you should note.

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Brian Finnegan says:

Cosmology for me

sk sahadat ali says: are doing good…here is my mail..plz do ping…

theboombody says:

I actually like math best myself, but I'm not too good at it so I had to go to business school.

_ says:

Do engineering if you feel like you can't do physics

Cribsmas Morn. says:

Engineering is making physics useful

yubbea Jigaboo says:

if going into Engineering that requires a P.E., then do that, but other than that, get a degree in EECS

Green Ghouls says:

Don't know why I'm watching this, I'm a biochem student

Akash Chowdhury says:

Physics is the theory and engineering is the application. Though I like the thought process of yours. Here, I would like to inform you about a website namely LearnPick, which is Australia's largest online platform helping students to find great tutors, trainers and tuition centres. You can join as a student and post your learning requirement [ ]

Ilove Space says:

If you want to be an astronaut in the future what type of engineering would be better to major in college?

Epic dragon Slayer says:

I would probably do plasma or particle physics

Hasir Blasters says:

Very nce and informative video says:

On a side note, the Higgs Boson, is the one thought responsible for the mass of the matter. And the mass is responsible for the gravity. The missing link here, is to explain gravity in a more generalized way, along with the other forces, in what is called generalized field theory. But that's another story.

Zayne Parsons says:

An engineer claims to know what physics is…

Javier Ferrer says:

Thank you! For all this beautiful informacion.

Henry Wardell says:

I would like to become a race engineer in f1, is it better to get a MEng in Motorsport Engineering or a MEng in something like Mechanical or Aerospace?

Senshi No Kodomo says:

In some ways, it wouldn't be fun if it was just too easy. Can't say the same for a liberal arts or business major. (Yawn).

Senshi No Kodomo says:

Physicists are nothing more than intrepid mathematicians with limited mundane abstractions typically imposed by the natural world, turning discovery or rediscovery into equations from which engineers then translate into modern reality. Decade to millineum, one innovation after the next, if we can survive ourselves, it'll eventually make us an immortal species in some form, the least of which biologically. With this in mind, turning concrete jungles green, curing all disease, halting or reversing the aging process, overcoming poverty, and making all manner of comicbook, videogame, and anime fantasies a reality. Complete with flying cars and floating cities, becoming a truly interstellar species wasting no planet's full potential, albeit ecologically harmonious. Finding new, tantalizing ways of subluminal computation in modeling complex systems like forever preserving the mind while integrating body and machine. And perhaps even some day, daring to imagine a little, and borne from the whole Star Trek vs Star Wars debate, becoming something of a galactic empire, wielding "light sabers and gallick guns" free to bend reality at a whim with time travel and teleportation at our disposal. Is there really nothing more fantastic? It may all sound a little too crazy, or unnecessary as of yet, but so would've airplanes and the internet to the ancient Egyptians or australopithecines. In the end, you have to admit my curious friends, that, while sometimes controversial and stemming from humble, geeky roots, much of what STEM ultimately entails, and the passion driving our pursuits, is a better, more-completely understood universe in which we live, in either resident world we claim, cooler than absolute zero, and wilder than your wildest dreams. That's what it's all about. Greatness. From a single, unifying equation to a single, unified empire with digital constructs and biological entities indistinguishably inseparable.

Parker Hays says:

I'm a physics freshman at the university of illinois and I'm probably gonna switch into engineering physics next year. Thanks for this video

Fractal Decay says:

Better than the first video

Chacob says:

Engineers actually get to make stuff

ThePhysicsLovers Community says:

I was also very much confused about what should I take physics or engineering since I was so much passionate about physics I chose it as my subject

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